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Written by Siva   
Saturday, 26 February 2011 00:00


"Go green with cloud computing!"


My name is Siva Dhanasekaran, here I am sharing my IT experiences whenever I find time. I was using blogs, other websites, users groups, portals, now even though I am using such portals, I have decided to keep my contents, my experiences in my website. As well I am sharing most of my IT experiences and keep adding more and more contents.


If you are looking for something quickly from my website try "search" located in top right corner.



Here you can find more article about datacenter administration, maintenance, architect, cloud infrastructure and virtualization. Most of the FAQ, practical administration experience about virtualization, VMware, CISCO UCS, Nutanix, VBLOCK, Next Generation Datacenter, Windows, Linux, NetApp, EMC, Firewall, Switches, Catalysts, Fabric Switches, Scripting, Monitoring, SQL Server, Oracle and more.



Also most of the threads you can find with step by step explanation with images or sequence of images which could help us to refer in future.


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IaaS - Self Provisioning - Templates Tips PDF Print E-mail
Written by Siva   
Saturday, 10 November 2012 10:21

When you use template for self-provisioning, you may follow below tips:


1. Keep templates in dedicated resource pool (probably - ESXi cluster dedicated for Management purpose, not in ESXi cluster dedicated for VDC* Tenants).

2. Keep the templates in dedicated folder, use your workflow to pull the templates from that folder. Actually you will give option to choose the template to customer, customers can provision VMs using templates that you need.

3. Have one unused network like 'unused-vlan-999', assign the template Network Configuration to this VLAN and network connected. So your coding will be easy to change from VLAN 999 to customer desired network.

4. Make sure VMware tools installed in VM before converting to template.


*VDC - Virtual Datacenter.



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Cisco Nexus 1000v PDF Print E-mail
Written by Siva   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 01:54
  • It’s a software switch.
  • It is OVF format; management feature running inside a virtual guest machine.
  • The 1000V runs the Cisco IOS, and you can telnet to it, using the CLI, just as you would other Cisco switches.
  • A distributed virtual switch (dvswitch) is used to connect between all ESX host systems, and the Cisco 1000V is what controls that.
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Let us move to IPv6 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Siva   
Saturday, 26 February 2011 00:00

Everyone need to get unique IP!!! This is lot benefit.

The largest gathering of IPv6 professionals in America will rally in the Silicon Valley for change and experimentation in order to introduce v6 into their world. More in http://gogonetlive.com/

Let us move to IPv6!

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VMware View 4.5 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Siva   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 01:54

Deliver plenty of desktops instantly. Update patches instantly.


Latest View 4.5 with Windows 7! awesome performance! I like this Samsung NC240 thin client!


Components needed:

  • vCenter Server in 64 Bt OS / ESX Servers.
  • Install VMware View Composer in vCenter Server.
  • VMware Connection Server
    (aka View Manager / View Administration)
  • View Agent in Windows 7 or XP Image.
  • VMware View Client (or thin client device)
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