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Written by Siva   
Tuesday, 02 November 2010 14:47

NetApp commands:

This is just from command prompt:

(Please I will adjust the font and format later)


mynetapp2> ?

?                   ftp                 nis                 sis                

aggr                halt                options             snap               

arp                 help                orouted             snapmirror         

backup              hostname            outb                snapvault          

bmc                 httpstat            partner             snmp               

cf                  ifconfig            passwd              software           

charmap             ifstat              ping                source             

cifs                igroup              ping6               stats              

config              ipsec               pktt                storage            

date                ipspace             portset             sysconfig          

df                  iscsi               priority            sysstat            

disk                keymgr              priv                timezone           

disk_fw_update      license             qtree               traceroute         

dns                 lock                quota               traceroute6        

download            logger              rdate               ups                

dump                logout              reallocate          uptime             

echo                lun                 reboot              useradmin          

ems                 man                 restore             version            

environment         maxfiles            rlm                 vfiler             

exportfs            mt                  rmc                 vif                

fcadmin             nbtstat             route               vlan               

fcp                 ndmpcopy            routed              vol                

fcstat              ndmpd               sasadmin            vscan              

file                ndp                 sasstat             wcc                

filestats           netdiag             savecore            ypcat              

flexcache           netstat             secureadmin         ypgroup            

fpolicy             nfs                 setup               ypmatch            

fsecurity           nfsstat             shelfchk            ypwhich            


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