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Saturday, 06 November 2010 17:16

This config is from one of the webcast..good for best practice..


50,000-seat VMware View 4.5 virtual desktop environment using VMware vSphere™ 4.1 on NetApp® shared storage. Cisco, VMware, NetApp, Fujitsu, and Wyse are combining their respective technologies to create a dynamic and easily expandable virtualization infrastructure. The partners want to make this environment scalable and easy to replicate to give customers the ability to use the architecture detailed in this white paper as an example for their own deployments. This deployment uses a Pool of Desktops (POD) concept that is based on the hardware and software needed for deploying 5,000 seats into a virtualization infrastructure.


This document provides an initial overview of the ongoing 50,000-seat desktop virtualization project. Because this is an ongoing project, this white paper only discusses the architectural design and the partner involvement.


A future technical report, TR-3865, "Building a 50,000-Seat VMware View 4.5 Deployment: A Collaboration by Cisco, VMware, NetApp, Fujitsu, and WYSE," will cover the entire deployment, the detailed deployment steps, and all of the performance metrics captured during this project (TR-3865 will be published in October 2010).


The scenario deploys a 50,000-seat environment on 10 NetApp FAS3170 high-availability (HA) pairs using the Network File System (NFS) protocol. A 20,000-seat deployment and six 5,000-seat regular deployments are used in this scenario.


The deployment uses a 50% read/write mix and allows a minimum of 10% CPU availability on each controller. In addition, each virtual machine (VM) is assumed to use 12 input/output operations per second (IOPS) in the configuration. Based on these assumptions, a maximum of 5,000 seats can be run on a FAS3170 HA pair.

• NetApp System Manager 1.01
• NetApp VSC 2.0 (RCU 3.1 Plug-in)
• VMware vSphere (ESX 4.1 and vCenter™ Server 4.1)
• VMware View Manager and Composer 4.5
• Microsoft® Windows® 2008 Enterprise
− DHCP Relay Agents
− Active Directory® (AD)

This deployment uses a POD design because it is modular and has an easy-to-replicate process. As shown in Figure 1, the POD consists of the following components:

50,000-4 Seat VMware View Deployment
• 60 ESX 4.1 Hosts (Cisco UCS or Fujitsu PRIMERGY)
• 1 FAS3170 HA Cluster
• 2 vCenter Servers
• 3 Connection Servers (running PCoIP®)
• 5,000 Microsoft Windows 7 VMs


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