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Written by Siva   
Sunday, 21 November 2010 13:39




  • Your Windows box with vSphere Client
  • vSphere SDK for Perl 4.1 or vSphere SDK for Perl 4.0 or VI Perl Toolkit 1.6  (vSphere SDK for Perl - Windows Installer 32 Bit - available 32 bit only so far )




Power OFF:


perl vmcontrol.pl --username vmgenie --password secret --vmname MYVM21  --operation poweroff --datacenter MyDatacenter --url





perl vmcontrol.pl --username vmgenie --password secret --vmname MYVM21  --operation poweron  --datacenter MyDatacenter --url


Other Tips:


Batch Processing:

You can use this in your batch file or another Perl script file or .c file.


Automate the Script:

Call this scripted file in  scheduler job to automate the process.



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