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How to search for a string inside a file? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Siva   
Monday, 22 November 2010 18:26

you can use grep.. here sample shows searching for string "fpe" inside "db.vmgenie.net" file:


[root@vmgenie-ns private]# cat db.vmgenie.net | grep fpe

fpe-ap-v0                       IN      A

fpe-ap-v1                       IN      A

fpe-ap-v2                       IN      A

fpe-ap-v3                       IN      A

fpe-ap-v4                       IN      A

fpe-ap-v5                       IN      A

fpe-ap-v6                       IN      A

fpe-ap-v7                       IN      A

fpe-ap-v8                       IN      A

fpe-ap-v9                       IN      A

mis-fpe1                        IN      A

mis-fpe2                        IN      A

[root@vmgenie-ns private]#



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