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Saturday, 30 October 2010 14:05


About FlexClone volumes


Data ONTAP provides the ability to clone FlexVol volumes, creating FlexClone volumes. The following list outlines some key facts about FlexClone volumes that you should know:

  • FlexClone volumes are a point-in-time, writable copy of the parent volume. Changes made to the parent volume after the FlexClone is created are not reflected in the FlexClone.
  • FlexClone volumes are fully functional volumes; you manage them on the Manage Volumes page, just as you do the parent volume.
  • FlexClone volumes always exist in the same aggregate as their parent volumes.
  • FlexClone volumes can themselves be cloned.
  • FlexClone volumes and their parent volumes share the same disk space for any data common to the FlexClone and parent. This means that creating a FlexClone is instantaneous and requires no additional disk space (until changes are made to the FlexClone or parent).
  • Because creating a FlexClone does not involve copying data, FlexClone creation is very fast.
  • FlexClone volumes are created with the same space guarantees as their parent.



    1. In the left navigation pane, click Volumes.
    2. Click FlexClone volumes.
    3. Click Create.

      Result: The FlexClone Wizard is launched in a new window.
    4. Complete the tasks for adding a FlexClone volume as directed in the wizard.
    • You need to create a temporary copy of a volume for testing purposes.
    • You need to make a copy of your data available to additional users without giving them access to the production data.
    • You want to create a FlexClone of a database for manipulation and projection operations, while preserving the original data in unaltered form.
  • FlexClone Wizard

    Use the FlexClone Wizard

     to create both FlexClone volumes of online flexible volumes. Consider creating a FlexClone whenever you need a writable, point-in-time copy of an existing FlexVol, including the following scenarios:

    The maximum number of volumes, including FlexClone volumes, allowed per storage system is 500.



    Creating FlexClone Volumes

    To add a FlexClone volume, complete the following steps:





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