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About quotas


A disk quota is a set of rules that restrict disk space and the number of files used by a user or a group. A quota can also restrict the total space and files used in a qtree or the usage of users and groups within a qtree. For example, you could create a user quota that specifies that a particular user can use up to 225MB of disk space in a given qtree in a given volume before a warning is issued (soft limit) and up to 250MB maximum (hard limit).


A request that would cause a user or group to exceed an applicable quota fails with a "disk quota exceeded" error. A request that would cause the number of blocks or files in a qtree to exceed the qtree's limit fails with an "out of disk space" error.


User and group quotas do not apply to the root user or to the Windows Administrator account; however, tree quotas do apply even to root and the Windows Administrator account.


This information is stored in the /etc/quotas file. Data ONTAP reads this file to determine how to apply quotas. All quotas are established on a per-volume basis.




Quota Report


A Quota Report displays the current file and space consumption for each user or group with a quota and for each qtree.


A Quota Report contains the following information:

  • Default quota information, which is identical to the information in the  /etc/quotas file.


  • Current disk space and the number of files owned by a user, group, or qtree that has an explicit quota in the  /etc/quotas file.


  • Current disk space and the number of files owned by a user, group, or qtree, if the user, group, or qtree is currently occupying disk space.


The Quota Report: page displays information about each quota you created.


  • You can filter and display the particular type and volume you want to see by selecting values in the View Quota Type and View Volume drop-down menus and clicking View.


The options in the View Quota Type filter are All Types, user, group, tree, errors, and warnings.


The options in the View Volume filter are All Volumes and the names of individual volumes. The filter options are interdependent.


For example, if you select "user" from the View Quota Type filter, the page will display the user's quota depending on the setting in the View Volume filter.


Similarly, if you select any volume from the View Volume filter, the page will display the quotas depending on the View Quota Type filter's setting.


Here is another example:

  • Clicking the values under Volume, Qtree, Type, User, and Target takes you to the Type and Volume section of the Quota Rule Wizard.


  • The number of quota targets is displayed below the table in the Quota Report page.


  • Clicking the Refresh button refreshes the page and the latest quota report information is displayed.


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