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Written by Siva   
Saturday, 30 October 2010 14:19


About Snapshot™ Copies


A Snapshot copy is a read-only image of the entire Data ONTAP file system. It reflects the state of the file system at the time the Snapshot copy is created. 


Snapshot copy files carry the same permissions as the original file. A user who has permission to read a file in the active file system can still read that file in the Snapshot copy. A user without read permission to the same file cannot read that file in a Snapshot copy. Write permission does not apply because Snapshot copies are read-only. Snapshot copies can be accessed by any user with the appropriate permissions.


Every directory in the storage system's active file system contains a directory named .snapshot through which users can access old versions of files in that directory.


FilerView enables you to configure and manage all Snapshot copies in all volumes on the storage system.



Add Snapshot Copies


The Add Snapshot page enables you to add Snapshot copies for a specified volume. Add (create) a Snapshot copy when you do not have a Snapshot copy schedule to create Snapshot copies automatically or when you want to capture information at a time not preset in the Snapshot copy schedule.


Note: FilerView does not support adding Snapshot copies for aggregates. Use the command-line interface to add aggregate Snapshot copies. For details, see the Data ONTAP Data Protection, Online Backup and Recovery Guide.



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