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26 What is SCSI reservation? Siva 7252
27 Many people asking me What is VMotion? HA? DRS? Siva 10828
28 Typical ACL / Firewall Rules need to be open for VMware products. Siva 1223
29 What is CPU Ready? Siva 1238
30 how to find vmfs volumes usage size? Siva 959
31 How to find ESX Version? Siva 884
32 ESX - Find installed patches and updates. Siva 2794
33 Find Service consoles IP Siva 855
34 Working with esxcfg commands Siva 5615
35 Install VMware-Tools in the Linux Guest operation system Siva 781
36 What we can do with vmkfstools? - Try help of vmfstools Siva 1917
37 Find Size of VMFS and other Partitions and usage. Siva 1231
38 Find Memory details in CLI Siva 1784
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