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1 Power off / Power on VMs in particular folder Siva 1079
2 Power off / Power on VMs in entire datacenter Siva 1138
3 Power OFF / Power ON VMs in particular Resource Pool Siva 1237
4 Connect to ESX host using Perl SDK Siva 1422
5 Reset VM using perl Siva 1174
6 How to shutdown a VM using perl script from your windows box (not power off)? Siva 1252
7 How to reboot a VM using perl script from windows box? Siva 1182
8 Power OFF / Power ON VM using Virtual Center Account and Perl from your Windows Box Siva 1904
9 Print list of powered on / powered off VMs Siva 1067
10 How to Power OFF / Power ON a VM using script from your Windows Box? Siva 1421
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