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1 Configure Outside/Inside/ DMZ Network Siva 1536
2 Configure routing between subnet, internet traffic Siva 1520
3 NAT - Network Address Translation in PIX/ASA Siva 1598
4 Enabling Site-to-Site VPN, PIX/ASA config Siva 1524
5 Commands to reset VPN in PIX 515E Siva 1097
6 Showing sample CISCO PIX 515E Configuration Siva 2558
7 Showing version from CISCO ASA 5150 Siva 2456
8 Sample routing commands Siva 1097
9 What is L2TP, Cisco AnyConnect, client / clientless VPN? Siva 1843
10 Sample tunnel-group command to enable PPTP VPN Authentication. Siva 1120
11 Creating new user in ASA / PIX with full permission Siva 997
12 Set TFTP-SERVER command in ASA to receive firewall configuration. Siva 1462
13 Translating - NAT - public and private IP in Firewall / PIX / ASA. Siva 1054
14 How to configure in firewall / PIX / ASA to allow only certain ports (http, ftp) to outside world? Siva 922
15 NAT changes in firewall when you replace web server or CAS server with new server and new IP address Siva 890
16 TFTP - Send your switch / firewall configuration to TFTP server. Siva 942


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